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Complimentary Hearing Screen

If you struggle to hear the birds outside, conversations with your spouse, or even the sound of your turn signal, then Concept by Iowa Hearing Aid Center has something you might be really interested in: a complimentary hearing screening.

“I would encourage anyone to call Concept if you struggle to hear…age has nothing to do with it.” That’s what 50-something Bobby said when he entered Concept’s cozy clinic. “I was very surprised to learn that untreated hearing loss can bring on dementia. Why risk dementia if wearing hearing aids can help prevent that?” Thanks to Concept’s quick and early diagnosis, Bobby can now enjoy the sounds of nature and turn signals… but most of all, conversations with his wife. 

In addition to improving people like Bobby’s hearing, Concept works with businesses to implement hearing aid discount plans. “We’re cognizant of the fact that the government doesn’t subsidize hearing aids,” says Taylor Parker, Concept’s president and owner. “We recognize that hearing aids are an investment. That’s why we work with businesses to impliment discount plans at no cost to them. It’s one of the ways we like to give back to the communities we are a part of across the state. 

Give back, indeed. The company gives away 10 pairs of hearing aids to Iowans across the stateevery year at the Iowa State Fair. In addition, Concept gives away a pair of free hearing aids at every event they attend. “Concept always respects my father and for treats him like family,” the daughter of one recent winner says. “It is so nice to have my father back. It is amazing how bad his hearing was. I’m so thankful to this company for even allowing people to win a free pair.”

Concept by Iowa Hearing Aid Centers is dedicated to improving and maintaining the hearing health of all its patients. All Concept clinics offer complimentary hearing screenings and top of the line technology administered by an attentive team of certified hearing health experts. Sign up for a complimentary hearing screening online or contact them at 319-229-2302 today to learn how Concept can help you take care of your and your employees’ hearing needs.

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