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Although Iowa Recovery Room just opened in March 2018, it has quickly been recognized as the place to go for float therapy. Floating in a 94-degree tub of water and 750 pounds of diluted Epsom salt, clients can relax and unwind in silence or with music.

“You can tell that a lot of thought and care was put into the details of this place, making it a truly special experience,” said Theresa C. “From the entrance to the end of the destination, the mindfulness is tangible. Patrick reflects his facility, or rather it is a reflection of him, with his sincere and attentive demeanor.”

With such welcome and support from the community, Iowa Recovery Room owner Patrick Krier has been able to use these sensory deprivation tanks as a way to support locals first responders. Both the police and fire department have utilized the float therapy offered by Krier as a way to help officers and firefighters disconnect from their intense jobs. 

“Officers carry a lot of weight in our day-to day jobs,” said ICPD Officer Ashley Jay. “It can be very hard to adjust mentally.”

This relaxing therapy has also helped the first responders get better sleep, helping them be prepared for another long day on the job, and with a first responder’s strenuous work day, it’s no surprise that this therapy is a success for them as well.

“It’s like laying on the softest memory foam mattress you’ve ever been on,” said Krier. “Being without any sort of stimuli and in the comfort of a warm tank allows you to ponder new athletic moves, think on school work, or focus more intensely on tasks at hand.”

With first responders sacrificing so much, float therapy is a way to give back and help them relax and unwind. If you are intrigued by float therapy and want to learn more or book a float, visit www.iowarecoveryroom.com. 


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