Counseling Center Of Iowa City
3030 Northgate Dr
# E
Iowa City, IA 52245 Map
Phone: (319) 337-6483

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Most of us face problems when we wake up in the morning, and most of us deal with problems when we go to bed at night. It’s part of being human.

We typically solve most of our issues, but sometimes we face difficult situations that seem impossible. At those times, we may want to seek professionals with knowledge and experience to support us and guide us in the development of new possibilities.

Mission Statement

The Counseling Center of Iowa City  - Striegel, Fisher, Young, and an Association of Independent Therapists provides quality behavioral health services to address emotional and relationship well being.  With respect for our clients' self-knowledge, diversity, and unique situations in life, a forum is provided for therapeutic conversations that elevate potential, develop solutions, and accentuate possibility.

Clinicians are committed to the development of best practice methods within The Counseling Center of Iowa City and promote state of the art continuing education for the larger therapeutic community.