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A little bit about the Hundred Acre Woods

The Hundred Acre Woods has been owned and operated by the Alicia Hayden for over 20 years and is a certified teacher herself. The staff is more than loving, friendly, playful, and helpful. All staff members have background checks and are fingerprinted. Many of our staff are teachers, becoming teachers, or parents themselves. All of our staff are compassionate about their jobs here at the Hundred Acre Woods. It is a good place where your kids can come to learn, play, socialize, and explore the world. 

We have different ages of children here, the youngest we accept is 18 months old. We then take up to 12 years of age. 

We do accept Title 20, Promise Jobs, and DHS Child Care Funding. We will accommodate with your needs the best we can. 

18 Months Old - 2 Years Old : Tiggers

Our Tigger classroom consists of our "babies" or the youngest kids we have here at daycare. The child must be at least 18  months of age and can enjoy playing with others in a similar age group. These kids focus on learning their colors, numbers, and other basic information. There is kitchen play and even dress up! These babies will come home excited about their day at daycare in the Tigger room. 

3-Year Old - Kindergarten : Honeypots

The Honeypot room consists of children between the age of 3 and generally 5 (When they start school). These kids get to explore the world even more! They focus on learning their alphabet, tying their shoes, and writing their name. The goal is to have these kids kindergarten ready! They make lots of arts and crafts and have the change to play in the kitchen center, the blocks center, the dress up center, and even the car center. These kids love getting the chance to pretend with other kids their age. Right now, the Honeypots are learning how to write their ABC's. 

Before and After School Program (BASP)


We love having kids that come before and after school. We do pickup and drop off to certain schools (see below). Our before/after school program is a nice to get your children to and from school. 

Our after school program is a nice way to give your child a chance to do their homework before they get home. Plus we have staff ready and eager to help them with any work. It is also nice for your child to have a place to release all that energy after sitting in school all day. They can come play with other children, make new friends, and have their homework done before going home. That leaves a nice family-focused, stress-free night.