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Thank you for stopping by; I am glad you did. 

My name is Jenn Floyd.

When you choose to work with me for your maternity, high school seniors, or family portraits, you are in the VIP seat. 

I have molded a masterful skill set over the last decade which allows me to capture your priceless moments in a tangible, soul-moving way, so you can relive your experience for years to come.  

My passion is found in the moments behind my camera lens- the moments that capture hearts, to be forever displayed in a priceless piece of art.

Who am I?

My children have been my driving force since the birth of my firstborn in 2000. I met my husband in 2008 and we married in 2013. He’s my #1 supporter! Together we’re just navigating this thing called life, trying to love like Jesus does.

Behind the Lens 

Based out of the small town of Kilgore, Texas, capturing hearts from behind the lens is my passion. 

 I have always enjoyed the art of photography, but it was not until 2014 when I began taking portraits for people other than my family.  

All About 

Capturing hearts one click at a time: perfect light, real moments, and your true story to create a frozen moment in time. 

Not About 

Surface-level connections, snap and go, cookie-cutter poses, forcing moments, wasting my talents, and not giving you 100% of what you deserve from a full-service photographer. 

Are you on the list? 

Send me a quick email to get added! (that’s it! There is no ‘.com’ ) You’ll receive the first notices of minis and other special savings opportunities. Don’t worry about getting bombarded; I only send about 6 emails a year. :)