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LifeCare Health Services serves all of East Texas as a Medicare-certified provider of home health and hospice services. With a service area extending 70 miles from both our Longview, TX and our Nacogdoches, TX offices, LifeCare delivers home health and hospice care to families in 30 counties of East Texas - essentially covering all of East Texas.

Founded in 1995 by the Wilcox family, LifeCare is still managed by two-generations of the Wilcox family. From our family to yours, we are dedicated to providing healthcare that is caring, patient, and competent. In 2002, LifeCare became the first agency in our area to offer both home health and hospice. Recognizing the gap that exists between Medicare-defined home health and hospice, we later developed AIM™ (Advanced Illness Management) which combines the easier access of home health with the palliative care of hospice.

In 2013, we started extending our service beyond the care of illness and injury to doing more to help the families we serve stay well, even while they are not currently in our care. Using a blog, email newsletters, and social media (i.e. Facebook), we send out regular messages sharing our knowledge about wellness news and advice. Please consider liking our facebook page or subscribing to our newsletters to receive LifeCare's regular wellness messages.