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Phone: (903) 797-6400


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Our Ministry

Gilmont’s mission is to offer a place where people can grow in mind, body, and spirit by experiencing God’s love.

Gilmont has experienced growth and change over time, 75 years in fact, and though Gilmont is still a place of ministry, summer camps and retreats, our scope goes beyond our Presbyterian heritage in order to engage a larger Christian community. Gilmont is:
  • developing new spiritual formation program offerings,
  • serving special-needs campers and their families through the ministry of Circle of Friends,
  • hosting retreats and conferences for various Christian organizations, family groups, as well as corporate and nonprofit entities
  • providing Outdoor School which engages public and private schools in meeting their educational goals (TEKS) for students through residential and day programs,
  • helping change lives through the camp experience.
Gilmont remains a simple, beautiful site with the benefit of comfortable accommodations and a beautiful Conference/Retreat Center. The kitchen staff is committed to serving delicious meals and sees accommodating special diet needs as part of our ministry.

Our Prayer: That everyone leaves Gilmont reborn, spiritually nourished, refreshed or revived, having experienced God and having been served in love.

Our Roots

At the turn of the century, Gilmont was home to a sawmill.  The pond that greets guests as they enter the camp was used to cool equipment and maneuver the heavy logs.  Campers may still discover a “rare rusty relic” as evidence from this time period.

As a place of ministry, Gilmont’s roots run deep to the 1940’s when a few members of the Presbyterian church purchased and set aside the 400 acre treasure that we still take pleasure in today. We thank God for their faith, investment, and commitment.  A ministry of the Presbyterian Church, Gilmont was originally acquired by those visionaries as a place for Paris Presbytery members to enjoy summer camp.
On January 1, 1958, Paris Presbytery became part of the Presbytery of Northeast Texas, then later Covenant Presbytery, and eventually Grace Presbytery when 3 Presbyteries combined into one. The combined Grace Presbytery had 3 camp. After a decade the Presbytery determined that the three camps were too much to administer and manage.  In 1994, Gilmont was ceded by Grace Presbytery  to a group of Presbyterian churches in East Texas, many with members who had grown fond of the camp as children.  Again, we credit the faith, investment, and commitment of a few Presbyterian individuals who stepped up and formed Presbyterian Camps at Gilmont, Inc. a 501(c)(3) Corporation.  Their actions affirmed that Gilmont would continue to be a place of ministry.

The corporate church membership has changed over the years, since 1994, and is still open today to new membership.  And, as of 2013 membership in the corporation has extended to be open to other Protestant denominations in the region.

In the midst of a growing, sprawling, and often chaotic world, Gilmont’s 400+ acres of lush forest, hills and lakes are a treasured destination for the spiritual growth and development of the young and young at heart.  Our ministry remains rooted in reformed faith, where the love and grace of a nurturing God is made evident in the beauty of creation and in relationship with his son Jesus Christ.