Falbo Bros Pizzeria
131 W 2nd St #100
Davenport, IA 52801 Map
Phone: (563) 322-8888


Any Large Pizza For MEDIUM PRICE!

Falbo Bros Pizzeria

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Welcome to Falbo Bro Pizzeria

16265168_1032892986817309_6318882800319973838_n.jpgOur pizza is unique. We have taken inspirations from New York style thin crust pizza, Chicago Style deep dish and stuffed pizza and created our own unique style. We make all of our pizzas the old fashioned way, the crust is rolled by hand, using dough made fresh by hand every few hours. The sauce is made from scratch, fresh every day. Our philosophy on cheese and toppings is simple, we put a ton of both on every pizza...skimping is for the other guys.

We sell pizza by slice with various styles and flavors. The menu will also include fresh salads, tasty appetizers and delicious hot sandwiches. Food is not the only thing on our menu, select beer and wine will also be available (yay!). 

Come eat, drink, and relax while getting your groove on to local talent in the Quad Cities on the RME stage!