Riverbend Retro
520 W 2nd St
Davenport, IA 52801 Map
Email: msmith0485@live.com
Phone: (563) 579-2615

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Mid-Century Modern Furniture and Décor


Locals LOVE Riverbend Retro!

"I drove over an hour & a half to shop in this store. Very happy that I came and love my purchases. I will return soon, but I don't want anyone else to shop here because I want all of the good stuff for myself." - Jerry, Facebook

"For a long time, between Des Moines and Chicago there has been a lack of a "staple" for not only the mid-century modern/Danish modern... but for a selection for the eclectic unique small items and art work. Many times, I have been stunned by some "find" they get in their store. If I don't jump on something I love and get it, I end up missing out. Some of my best pieces in my collection are attributed to the finds of Riverbend Retro!" - Bryce, Facebook

"The owners of this great store are very knowledgeable about their inventory and make great efforts to have interesting items at reasonable prices. Bought a Heywood Wakefield desk from them, which launched me into MCM. Great things, great people...check them out!" - Barbara, Facebook