Baked Beer & Bread Co
1113 Mound Street
Davenport, IA 52803 Map
Phone: (563) 232-1251

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Go For the Food

Baked Beer & Bread Company is the first restaurant to house it's very own in-store bakery AND brewery. ​We bake fresh daily a variety of breads, pastries & desserts as well as small brew small batch beer. This all comes together to form an amazing menu full of upscale comfort foods.

Stay For the Beer

A match made in leaven. Our in house nano brewery & brewmaster regularly brews several types of beers. From IPAs to Stouts & everything inbetween.

Get Baked

Utilizing our bakery & brewery, our food is unique & of the highest quality. Expect fun twists on old classics as well as creative combinations that you may have never tried before!