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We have been in the mudjacking, cement repair and foundation repair industries in one form or another since 1990. In 1998, after several years of working for other people in these fields, Todd M. Heady and Tad R. Wilson founded Bi-State Mudjacking Services, Inc. Located in East Moline, Illinois, Bi-State was in business until December 2002. At that time the partnership was dissolved and Todd founded Todd’s Mudjacking Service, Inc. (formerly Bi-State Mudjacking). Todd’s Mudjacking will honor all warranties for work performed by Bi-State. We are proud of the jobs performed by our company and have a huge database of satisfied customers. References are available upon request.

Concrete mudjacking is a process in which a concrete grout is injected below sunken concrete slabs in order to raise them back to their original height. Mudjacking is an alternative to removing old and pouring new concrete at a fraction of the cost. The method was actually developed in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa in 1929 by John Poulter. The Iowa Department of Transportation was the first to commercially use the mudjacking process, doing so to raise road slabs back to their original grade.

Windows & Window Well Repair
As with basement walls, large window wells can also be pushed in by ground movement. Although they cannot be repaired without excavation, they can be repaired without being completely replaced. We can also replace smaller window wells with new polyethylene or galvanized window wells.