Alex Brandtner Children's Dentistry
5108 Jersey Ridge Road
Suite B
Davenport, IA 52807 Map
Phone: (563) 355-0437

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Little Mouths are a Big Deal

Alex Brandtner Children’s Dentistry isn’t just a dentist office. It’s a place where our experts in children’s dentistry love helping kids develop positive feelings towards dental health. Your family will
receive the highest level of pediatric dental care in a fun, child-friendly environment. Plus, we’ve got you covered – we accept most insurance! 


  • Dental Cleanings
  • Dental Sealants
  • Dental X-Rays
  • Flouride Treatments
  • Oral Health Exams
  • Dental Fillings
  • Emergency Care
  • Pulpotomies/Root Canals on primary teeth
  • Sports Mouthguards
  • Dental Crowns




What the Locals are saying:

"Dr. Brandtner is an excellent dentist and knows how to treat children. His staff are so nice and knowledgeable, too. I'd recommend them to anyone whose kids give them hard time before dental appointments. The waiting room is lovely and inviting." - Marwa G.

"I was referred to Dr. Alex by my family dentist. My 3 year old had a cavity. When we got there, Dr. Brandtner was thinking we might want to wait until she was four, but we decided to go ahead with it. She did awesome! I think Dr Alex and the entire staff helped make it go smoothly! She left there saying, “that didn’t even hurt Mama!” and “ They were really nice to me! Thank you for making what could’ve been a traumatic experience, a very pleasant one!" - Silissa E.

"We drove an hour and 30 minutes to see Dr. Brandtner - he is amazing with both my children! My daughter has a lot of issue with her teeth, and Dr. Brandtner and his staff have gone above and beyond to earn her trust and to make sure her health is #1! We will continue to make the hour and 30 minute drive till my kids are 18 or Dr. retires!" - Andie L.