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Fishing for PTSD Recovery

Tracker Boating Center of Tyler (formerly Dusty Rhoades Marine) has been serving and caring for this community since the year 2000. The team at Tracker Boating Center of Tyler is constantly looking for ways to help the community grow and prosper. One way they found was Fishing For PTSD Recovery through The Hookset Brothers (Adam Troy and Martin Montoya.)

In 2014, Tracker Boating Center of Tyler General Manager Jason Shank met Mr. Troy and Mr. Montoya and the relationship for the cause took off running. Tracker Boating Center of Tyler, along with support from Nitro Performance Bass Boats and Bass Pro Shops is committed to The Hookset Brothers and their desire to help struggling Veterans cope with the everyday issues that are associated with Wounded Veterans and Veterans suffering from PTSD through the world of fishing and the outdoors in general. The Hookset Brothers offer free fishing trips on our beautiful East Texas Lakes to these veterans in order to aid in the process of recovery.

The Hookset Brothers are two Disabled Wounded Veterans that proudly served over ten years each in the United States Army. They both served three deployments before being wounded in action and medically retired. They have both suffered numerous injuries and have endured countless medical procedures in an effort to return to some sense of normalcy. Adam and Martin have found the sport of fishing aids them in their own recovery efforts, and have realized that they can share this passion to other Veterans as well.

Tracker Boating Center of Tyler in conjunction with Bass Pro Shops is very proud to help support all of our Men and Women of the Military, The Hookset Brothers, and Fishing For PTSD Recovery. Together in 2015, they assisted Operation Comfort in getting over 33 Veterans on Lake Palestine for a benefit tournament to raise funds for their non-profit organization that assists Wounded Veterans. Additionally, The Hookset Brothers provided over 35 personally guided Fishing For PTSD Recovery trips complete with “Goody Bags” at absolutely NO COST to the Veterans. In 2016, they are in the planning stages for an even bigger and better year with Fishing Tournaments and Events designed to raise awareness for Wounded Veterans and Fishing For PTSD Recovery.


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