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Professional interior and exterior automotive cleaning

Do you remember how your vehicle looked when you first drove it off the lot? You can always recapture that new car shine with expert hand washing and waxing from the friendly team at Ed's Car Wash and Detail.

Thorough cleaning for any vehicle

Your vehicle will get top-quality service at Ed's Car Wash and Detail, whether it's a car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, limousine, or even a tractor trailer. Their detailed cleanings include swirl-free wax finishes, paint conditioning, tire cleaning, buffer mark removal, wheel cover cleaning and bug removal. These are important details that other cleaners might miss.

Complete vehicle cleaning:

 •  Interior shampoo and steam cleaning

 •  Swirl-free wax finishes

 •  Buffer marks removal

 •  Vehicle hand waxing

 •  Hand vehicle washing

 •  Towel drying

 •  Upholstery cleaning

 •  Smoke removal

 •  Engine cleaning

 •  Undercarriage and undercoat steaming

Complete, professional auto detailing

Regular cleaning and detailing can preserve both the look and value of your vehicle. The experienced team at Ed's Car Wash and Detail will clean your wood dashes, running boards, engine and vinyl surfaces. Select the perfect package for you!

Detailing services include:

 •  Pet hair removal

 •  Odor elimination

 •  Tint removal

 •  Hard / acid rain spot removal

 •  Wheel restoration

 •  Dent repair and scratch removal

 •  Tar, paint and sap removal

 •  Swirl mark removal

 •  Protective coatings on all surfaces

Thorough detailing work for:

 •  RVs

 •  Boats

 •  Motorcycles

 •  Limousines

 •  Tractor trailers

 •  Trucks

 •  Cars, vans and SUVs