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About Wilhite Landscape

Wilhite Landscape is the leader in the industry with the best experienced, reputable landscape and horticultural team in East Texas. The quality of their work is second to none and customer satisfaction is their top priority. They have a proven track record for creative solutions and stay informed on all the latest trends to meet their client’s landscape and maintenance needs.

About James Wilhite, President

My first recollection of buying a plant goes back to about the second grade.  There was a little nursery across the street from the elementary school where I grew up in Fort Worth.  It was the little kind that sprouted up in most neighborhoods at that time.

They went in as the builders developed an area and they provided the plants and trees that people planted at their new homes.  Generally the owner did most of the work and might have some high school boys that helped during the summer and mostly the family spent afternoons and weekends doing the weeding and grooming.  Most plants were B&B (balled and burlaped) or grown in industrial food cans.  They had cold frames (miniture greenhouses and started many were B&B (balled and burlaped) or grown in industrial food cans.  They had cold frames (minature greenhouses) and started many of their own flowers from seed.

Anyway, one day I passed through the nursery on my way home from school and I noticed that in one of the cold frames was a bunch of petunias in peat pots.  They were the old fashioned petunias and this one particular petunia was purple with white stripes, more flower than plant and as gaudy as any petunia you have ever seen.  Of course  it caught my fancy and I asked the gentleman about it.  I think I paid about a nickel for it and wagged it home in my cupped hands as proud as a peacock at my purchase.  My mother helped me plant it on the side of our house and I have no recollection as to how long it lived but the experience stuck.  Taking a living plant and moving it to a location of your choosing hooked me.

Fast forward 20 years and I earned a degree in Horticulture at Stephen F. Austin in Nacogdoches.  I was on the extended college plan of a perennial college student---seven years for a four-year degree.  My wife Mary and I moved to Tyler in 1980 and soon after started Wilhite Landscape with the goal of being self-employed at something I enjoyed.

Today we have four managers that run six divisions of our company and 35 employees.  Our goal is to provide top quality professional service to Tyler and the surrounding area.  Our services include landscape design and construction, landscape maintenance - commercial and residential, irrigation installation and repair service, outdoor lighting, water features and koi ponds, fertilization and disease control as well as Christmas lighting and organic services.

Let our outstanding team of professionals create the landscape of your dreams.