Methodist Children's Home
MCH Family Outreach Center
524 W. Waco Dr.
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Phone: (254) 750-1263

Methodist Children's Home
MCH Boys Ranch
1439 Methodist Ranch Rd
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Phone: (254) 799-2434

Methodist Children's Home
1111 Herring Avenue
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Phone: (254) 753-0181

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Mission Statement 

Methodist Children's Home offers hope to children, youth and families through a nurturing, Christian community.


Christian Principles
Apply the principles of the Christian faith which serve as the foundation for this ministry.

Build healthy relationships through communication, respect, trust, and love.

Be accountable for self and others.

Provide opportunities for spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual development.

Show compassion through generosity and care.

Believe in the possibilities of the future.


The Home's 12 strength-based principles, along with the mission statement and core values, guide all decisions in this ministry:

1. Greatness is expected of youth, but we recognize it may occur in their future.

2. Youth should have a sense of hope for the future and feelings of joy every day.

3. Youth have a need for growth. They want to succeed, and they have the power to change and take positive control of their lives.

4. Seeking a higher purpose in our lives is ingrained in everyone. Religious and spiritual expressions are natural parts of our existence.

5. Youth are valued as individuals and accepted where they are in their lives. They should be empowered to participate in decisions that affect their lives. The decisions should be individualized, developmentally appropriate and made in their best interests.

6. Transformation is accomplished through intentional, meaningful healing relationships that connect us to others.

7. Youth learn values and moral courage by interacting with and observing staff they respect and admire, and who are kind, nurturing, and caringly set limits and boundaries.

8. Our community helps youth identify and nurture their individual strengths and assets. Involvement in our community is an essential element for positive growth.

9. Achievement based on real accomplishments is necessary for development. Our community should provide a variety of opportunities for youth to develop and utilize their strengths.

10. Crisis is viewed as a normal part of growth. Crisis provides opportunities to mentor, teach, coach, guide and empower, as well as to learn.

11. Serving others is essential in helping youth heal the pain in their lives.

12. We should be committed to each other and to each other's success. We should demonstrate responsibility and accountability in all of our decisions and actions.


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