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Raise it... Don't replace it!

Our Mission

Our mission at LiftCrete is manifold. First, we offer affordable and environmentally sound polyurethane solutions to homeowners and businesses including concrete repair/replacement and void filling. Secondly, we desire to expand the job market in Central Texas by establishing a network of jobs that offer financial security to employees and their families.

Our Team

Our hope is to help employees grow personally by encouraging strong work and family values that will inspire them to develop their own individual talents to the fullest potential. Finally and most importantly, we desire to bring glory to God in all that we do by being accountable to our employees and our clients.


LiftCrete has a primary goal of saving our customers money and time by raising, supporting and extending the life of concrete with the use of polyurethane technology. However, we are also passionate about helping our customers find the best solution to the problems they are facing even if the solution goes beyond our service lines. Our service lines may need to coincide with the talents and services of other companies to fully address and mitigate the issue. So regardless of the problem, we will do our best to get the job done quickly and affordably to our customer’s full satisfaction.