• Department: Sales
  • Location: Longview, TX
  • Employment Type: Full Time


As a Locals Love Us Sales Agent you and the other local sales leaders will work together to:

  • Deliver custom awards to local businesses that win our annual, secure survey
  • Meet with owners/managers of those winning businesses to help them take advantage of their winning status and sell Locals Love Us advertising
  • Develop the Locals Love Us program in your city
  • Spotlight local businesses that give back to their community
  • Educate local business owners, managers and media about Locals Love Us
  • Attend community, charity, networking and other business events
  • Reach out to the locals to encourage voting in the annual Locals Love Us survey

Our solutions are unique in that they are built around the most effective marketing tool available - trusted word-of-mouth recommendations. And you’ll be offering them to an exclusive group of local businesses selected by the community.


Our sales season is the six months where most of the sales are made. In agricultural parlance, this is our harvest. We work long days, calling and meeting with clients and prospects 50+ hours a week, regularly meet as a team, update and track activity in company systems, attend community events and spend time on training and personal development activities. Your first six months will be your most intense, as you acquire new knowledge and skills and build relationships in your community.

At the end of those six months, we publish our annual print directory. The next six months are spent building our brand in the community and setting ourselves up for the next successful sales season. During this time, our agents are strengthening relationships with winning businesses, serving their clients and community, attending local events, educating the market about Locals Love Us, encouraging voting in our secure survey and sharing the love.

Our Commitment

Our investment and commitment to you and your market are substantial:

  • We provide a superior product, systems, tools and support
  • We invest a significant amount of time and resources into your market
  • We generate prospects through our annual survey, giving you excellent opportunities to meet with the most successful business owners and leaders in your community
  • We're in the business of transforming your life and community. We're passionate about helping you discover real success in every area of your life.

Desired Skills & Experience

A strong candidate for this position will possess the following traits:

  • Engaging communicator (verbal and written) with all types of people
  • Strong presence
  • Proficient with technology – software and hardware (iPad, cell phone, email, Facebook, web, CRM, etc)
  • Solid work ethic
  • Ability to engage in meaningful conversations about various types of businesses
  • Good at presenting solutions and solving problems
  • Confident in handling objections and closing sales
  • Ability to eliminate distractions and focus on success-generating activities
  • Unafraid to reach out to new people and ability to handle rejection