Lookin' for votes?

Wanna turn your customers' love into votes? We're here to help with tons of stuff you can use to get votes and let your customers know how much you appreciate their support.

Send them an email, post it to Facebook and your web site, tweet it, put it in your newsletter or ad. Use it whenever and wherever you communicate with your customers. Do it often! Put a poster up in a high traffic area. We want the locals to vote just as much as you do!

Why vote? It's easy!

  • Return the favor! We love you too!
  • Help guide others find the best places in town!
  • Stop the uncertainty of who is the best, let the locals choose
  • Don't be taken advantage of by unfair advertising, let the vote decide. Help out today!
  • Locals Love Us voting data is secure and trustworthy and hand delivered to you from your friends and families.
  • Employees can vote. Customers can vote. So, just get out and start promoting the vote!

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