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Tyler Kung Fu and Fitness opened its doors in October 1996 and continues to teach 7-Star Preying Mantis Kung Fu, which like Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, and Aikido, is a traditional martial art that teaches self defense. Unlike these other martial art forms, Kung Fu originated in China and is known to be the oldest martial art form. In fact, most other martial arts trace their origins to Chinese Kung Fu.

Kung Fu Steeped in Tradition with Cutting Edge Results

In every class, you will benefit from a balanced blend of stretching, warm-ups, calisthenics, strength training, and learning fighting techniques in a safe and friendly environment.

Tyler Kung Fu & Fitness promotes the traditional notion of "Kung Fu family." We encourage you to create relationships and make lasting friendships with other students.

We believe the most productive learning experience is one void of intimidation and wreckless behavior. We work diligently to maintain the cleanest, most professional martial arts school in the Tyler area and we would love for you to be a part.

Please contact us to setup an appointment or learn more about our facilities.

Tai Chi Increase balance, flexibility and strength

This traditional martial art is an ancient form of Kung Fu that originated in China.

Owing to its slow and graceful movements, Tai Chi is perfect for anyone of any age or physical condition. Unlike most exercise regimens that are outside the reach of individuals with physical limitation, Tai Chi offers a gentle approach that does not exert demands on the body.

Tai Chi can also help lower blood pressure and produces a feeling of well-being similar to brisk walking or jogging. All the movements of Tai Chi are natural and rounded so there is no stress on the joints. Movements are performed after shifting weight fully from one foot to another to minimize impact on knee joints and avoid damage.

Rock Steady Boxing Physical & mental benefits for Parkinson's patients

Rock Steady Boxing, a unique exercise program, based on training used by boxing pros, and adapted to people with Parkinson’s disease, will now be available in the Tyler area. The program involves regular exercises, such as stretching, bicycling, running, jump-roping, push-ups, balancing and lots of non-contact boxing, led by experienced trainers/coaches. Rock Steady Boxing serves both men and women of all ages and levels of ability.