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As they say, there’s strength in numbers – which probably explains why Gray’s Home Fashion Gallery is Tyler’s standard-bearer of great taste and high design. For over 60 years, Gray’s has been furnishing Tyler’s most prestigious addresses, outfitting and accessorizing them in fresh and novel ways. We’ve built a business around committing to high standards and great customers, who have allowed us to turn the most perplexing question marks into punctuated perfection.

And that’s how we’ve lasted so long. In fact, ever since 1950, Gray’s has been as much about the people as it has been about the product. Our people, like your people, are a closely-knit family. Just as a great room requires a unique blend of elements to make it come alive, so does a great design team require a special blend of talents, tastes, and strengths. It’s our people (and our products) that offer your home a winning formula, one that we hope will endure for another 60-plus years.

Carol Younger has been transforming homes for more years than we can count. Her knowledge of America’s finest manufacturers has given her a statewide reputation for dressing signature homes. When you combine her eye for talent and style with her impressive business acumen, you’ve got a recipe for success for many years to come!

KAY FULLER Design/Sales/Buyer
Oh, Kay! That’s what we say when we see the results of one of Kay’s famous buying trips. Her eye for color and proportion results in beautifully bold moves. With an eye for color and texture and an intrinsically stylish flare, Kay’s rooms aren’t just OK, they’re indisputable “wows.”

Happy rooms are harbingers of happy days and a happy life. We think they’re also reflections of a happy designer. Sherri’s ability to infuse a room with joy and personality – your personality – is a skill that’s essential in creating a drop-dead gorgeous home. Gorgeous and joyous is what Sherri does best.

Andra's ability to create unexpected combinations, using color, scale, and dimension lend a sense of drama throughout her home designs. She welcomes an eclectic flair to decorating, using variety and contrast to tell a story: your story. Along with your personal items, Andra creates a fantastic design within your home that is exclusively you.

Part of being a team requires working together, and Melody is the glue that makes Gray’s a harmonious place. She’s a reflection of our attitude that your home and needs are our priority. Whether she’s helping you obtain samples or booking an in-home drapery installation, Melody is the reason we seldom drop the ball.