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In addition to the great job we do keeping your windows clean, we're also especially adept at spotting small problems before they grow.

With our decades of experience and skilled eyes, we can help you catch calcium build-up, etching, and scratching so that they can be solved quickly and affordably.

Find out why locals love us

Whether you have a commercial property with a lot of windows or a house with a high second story, the last thing you want to do is balance on a ladder while stretching to reach for distant corners.

Let our insured and well-equipped crew handle the heights while you stay safe on the ground!


The most affordable, effective way to clean your property

If you're tired of looking at ugly spots and stains, experienced power washer Luke Berry can make them all go away in the blink of an eye.

If you've never seen power washing in action, the process pushes water through a very small opening to create a high-pressure stream that lifts out stains and washes them away.

Power washing is perfect for removing all types of stains

This process is effective against streaks on shingle roofs, driveway stains, mildew, and even graffiti. Although chemicals are not always required, sometimes they're a useful additive to prevent the growth of mold or moss in the future.

Don't spend thousands to repaint or replace - give us a call and watch your problems disappear!


Be a holiday hero this Christmas

Tired of untangling long strands of lights, trying to figure out which bulb is burned out, or wobbling from the top of your old ladder? With more than a decade of decorating experience, we can give your home a professional look and feel without taking up all your time.

We know you'll love the way your home looks

Of course, decorating your home can be a very personal experience. We know that you have a close connection with your decorations, and we'll be happy to hang your lights in any way you choose.

Whether you're looking for something that's simple and clean or colorful and festive, you can consider it done with just one call!


Don't let your backyard become a minefield

The joy of pet ownership is sometimes left behind for a few minutes when you have to tiptoe your way around your backyard. With our help, you can count on a space that's free of messes and ready for fun or relaxation.

In addition to removing the messes themselves, we can also apply enzymes that reduce or even eliminate the smells coming from your backyard. Call today!

Which plan is perfect for you?

Every-Other Week Scooping $25 plus tax

Weekly Scooping $40 plus tax

Twice-Weekly Scooping $80 plus tax

Additional charges may be applied for multiple dogs