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Like most successful businesses, Danny Shepard’s Video Magic Productions, started with a simple moment, a second of understanding, a mili-second of purpose. The moment he put his hand through the strap of his very first video camcorder in 1988 he knew instantly that was what he was meant to do. And he’s been doing it ever since with passion and fervor. 

What has separated Danny from other video production companies all these years is that he’s not only passionate about the gear, the latest, coolest technology, or the final product. He’s passionate about you as a person and a client and genuinely loves being involved in your life and your family. Telling stories through video and the importance of capturing memories on film is something that just naturally is imbedded in him. Video Magic isn’t just about business, it’s personal. He cares about every client that walks through the doors. In today’s industry that’s very hard to find. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, training video, commercial, audio installation, or just a simple transfer of your family videos from VHS to DVD, he cares and so does his team. We’ve been working together for many years and we follow in his footsteps of passion. We love what we do and we’ll do our best for you!


Video Magic Productions has been dedicated for over 25 years in producing high quality videos for almost every need, ranging from large budget corporate videos, to special events and sports resumes. The producers at VMP have decades of combined experience in almost every aspect of video and film production. Call one of our producers to see how we can meet your video or multimedia needs.

Custom Design

At VMP, we know that each business or individual has different needs, and along with those needs come a wide range of budgets. Therefore, we use fact-finding interviews to determine exactly what your production goals are, and how to keep those objectives within the allocated budget.

State-Of-The-Art Technology

As the years have progressed, so has technology. The one constant in all of this is our commitment to quality and service. Video Magic Productions has always maintained broadcast quality equipment to make your production needs come to life.



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