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Suntana Salons
1119 19th Ave N
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Suntana Salons
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Fargo North
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5675 26th Ave. S
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50% OFF One Month Unlimited Package.

Suntana Salons

3 Spray Tans for $20.

Suntana Salons

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Catch the Sun at Suntana Salons

We have six different levels of tanning for you to acheive the perfect vacation tan that lasts all year round! We have been Fargo Moohread's premier tanning salon since 1981.  We offer spray tans at 5 our 6 locations (Osgood is the only one that doesn't offer spray tanning).  We carry a large array of products, not just for tanning, but for skin care as well.  We are a smart tan facility and carry products with SPF.  We have 6 Fargo/Moorhead locations making us the biggest tanning operation in Fargo.  We offer tanning from level 1 up through level 5 and our sunless.  We have VIP packages starting at $19.95 per month, and have many different options and will find the right tanning package for everyone. 


Vip Club

Level 1: $19.95 per month.

 Level 1 equipment

Level 2: $29.95 per month.

 Level 1 & 2 equipment  

Level 3: $39.95 per month.

Level 1-3 Equipment

Level 4: $49.95 per month.

Level 1-4 equipment

Level 5: $59.95 per month.

Level 1-5 equipment

Level 6: $69/95 per month.

All level access! Level 1-5 equipment and Sunless

VIP Sunless: $59.95 per month.

Member Benefits:

  • Unlimited Tanning on selected level
  • Access to all Suntana Salon Locations
  • Low $25 Enrollment
  • 5 FREE Buddy Passes
  • FREE Sunless Tan
  • FREE Gift!

Fore more information, visit our website