Lunch Lady Catering
10160 County Road 2124D
Longview, TX 75603 Map
Phone: (903) 235-0078

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My name is Marcia Rohrbach, better known as The Lunch Lady. We specialize in Southern/Home Cooking. We Cater to Weddings, Birthday Parties, Family Reunions, Class Reunions, etc. We have a Menu full of Casseroles To Go. Along with a Dessert Menu made up of Home Made Pies, Cakes and Cobblers. I can't remember there ever not being a time in my life that I wasn't cooking or baking. My Love for Cooking spread to the Oilfield in 2010. Catering on many different locations and Oilfield Businesses. I opened a Restaurant in Kilgore in 2013. However, due to many unforeseen circumstances, I closed it 2015. My heart always knew what it wanted. I just had to be patient and let God direct me. So, in 2016 we built a full Commercial Building on our Property. Now, I'm truly doing what I love to do. The only thing that makes my heart more happier is my CUSTOMERS!! 
So, don't let Our Country Location detour you......We can Deliver to You. We stand by Our MOTTO....Making Your Life Easier...Delivering To You.