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Beginning her business from the ground and with no financial backing, but with an entreprenurial spirit, Cherie has worked tirelessly, played energetically, and shares her time with anyone who needs a helping hand or advice. She believes that God has not only provided the granite for her business, but He also has given her the awareness and opportunity of turning her life back over to His care.  Her blessings are many and she is a reflection of the traditions of East Texas which she is proud to call home.

Cherie Paro, The Granite Girl, is a native Tylerite. She graduated from T.K. Gorman and Tyler Junior College. After manageing a furniture company in Arlington, Texas for 2 years, she worked in the Dallas Design District gaining knowledge and experience working with granite. She returned to Tyler in 1996, and the next year started her business of granite tabletops and then the business expanded to countertops, and has grown every year.

The Granite Girls is a member of the Tyler Area Builders Association (TABA), Tyler Chamber of Commerce, and Better Business Bureau (BBB). Cherie is a member of the Pilot Club of Tyler and past board member of TABA as well as Habitat for Humanity of Smith County.

In 1999, a Letter of Appreciation was given to Cherie from the Smith County Juvenile Services through Betty Hayes, after presenting her story to juveniles in need of guidance and hope for their future...a true inspirational story.

In addition to demonstrating an outstanding leadership role in TABA's construction of the World's record breaking 2-Hr. House in October 2005, and being a vital contributor to the HGTV 2005 Dream Home, Cherie has received several recognitions for her achievements. In 2007, Women in Tyler included her as one of the "Women Who Have Triumphed" honorees. TABA awarded Cherie "Associate of the Year" in 2003 and "Above & Beyond" recognition in 2004-2005.

"Our dad, Henry, was an avid rock collector." She doesn't know if genes had anything to do with her getting into the "rock" business, but there was a defineite influence and interest that started when the Paro girls were young.