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Terri’s Pet Styling School

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Terri’s Pet Styling School

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Terri's Dog Styling School


Terri's Pet Styling School

Terri's Pet Styling School has been in business for over 40 years making your dogs, cats & small pets look and feel their best. At Terri's, we take the time to talk with you regarding your pet's specific wants and needs.

Our History.

Terri’s Pet Styling School was established in 1978 Terri started it up as a boarding and grooming facility. She was later joined by Melissa, who came to the grooming school in 1998 and worked under Terri until 2006 when Terri decided to retire from schooling.  Melissa has since taken over and now mainly teaches, along with being of service to help the animals that come in look and feel better. Her vast experience allows her to handle the most troublesome dogs and cats with care!

The upstairs grooming school is a recent addition and the facility was expanded to add four more tables and accommodate more students. The school has brought in students from as far as Keithsburg to Dubuque, Clinton, and Burlington! While attending, they learn to groom and run their own business by first learning proper bathing techniques and then moving on to more intricate skills daily.  Practically all the training is hands-on, as it’s best to learn with actual animals!     

Terri has since taken charge of the homeless shelter at King’s Harvest Ministries in Davenport and recently opened the associated No-Kill Pet Rescue as well.  King’s Harvest Ministries Pet Rescue assists with the care of a pet when the owner is homeless and in some cases, will establish a temporary placement program. This allows the pet to be placed in a temporary home until the owner is able to resume responsibility, while the owner can receive support from the shelter. They have been full of pets since opening and are always in need of more volunteers!           

Terri’s Dog Styling School advocates for pets in need and its staff has been honored to assist the King’s Harvest Ministries Pet Rescue and the animals it helps!

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Grooming School
Terri's Pet Styling School has been in business for over 35 years and is a great place to get started with your future career as a professional groomer! Grooming is a fulfilling profession that gives you the ability to set your own hours, control how much you earn, and let you work with the friends you love.

2 Grooming School Options: 3 Weeks or 15 Weeks

Grooming Services
We have five full-time professional groomers on staff and will take the time to meet with you to discuss your pet and its specific needs. Full-service grooms are available from scissor cuts to shave downs. Walk-in toe-nail clips are available for all animals, too! Heated dryers are never used on any animals. Our groomers have worked with perfect pets to troublesome dogs and cats, so they're skilled with all animals. Big and small, we groom them all!


  • Large runs are indoors.
  • No animals couped up in kennels.
  • Dogs are walked outside at least three times a day.
  • Fresh water and Fresh food are provided for the animals three times a day, as well as blankets, cots, and food.