Sara Smith Mel Foster Davenport, IA
Lesa Buck - Ruhl & Ruhl

Sara Smith - Mel Foster Co

Lesa Buck - Ruhl & Ruhl

Kyle Robinson - Ruhl & Ruhl

Spouses Selling Houses Bob & Candy Reaves

Alex Wolking Keller Williams Realty

BOEYE Real Estate Team - Andrea & Brad BOEYE - Mel Foster Co.

Amanda Buchanan - RE/MAX Elite

Ana Aguilera & Chirs True Team - True Realty Group

Bob Kelly - Ruhl & Ruhl

Kristi McFate - Mel Foster Co

Candy Shamsie - Ruhl & Ruhl

Sally Kent - Ruhl & Ruhl

Rich Bassford - RE/MAX Elite Homes

Scott Kelling - Mel Foster Co

Kim Solveson - Mel Foster Co

Brenda Nolting - RE/MAX

Peg Hopkins - Ruhl & Ruhl

Dan Longley - Mel Foster Co

Jill Slyter - RE/MAX

Nancy Mcelhiney - Ruhl-&Ruhl

Natalie Glynn - Keller Williams

Alicia Lillyblade - Ruhl & Ruhl

Dawnita Neff - Keller Williams

Jake Schneckloth - Mel Foster Co

Matt Schwind - Ruhl & Ruhl

Melissa Wegener - RE/MAX Elite Home

Paula Nabb - Mel Foster Co

Penny Egert - Ruhl & Ruhl

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