Mississippi River Distilling Company
303 N Cody Rd
Le Claire, IA 52753 Map
Phone: (563) 484-4342

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Our Spirits

Meet our premium spirits, handcrafted slow and pure. Born from the finest grains, harvested just up the hill from our distillery.

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Mississippi River Distilling Company
303 North Cody Road
PO Box 801
LeClaire, IA 52753
Phone: 563.484.4342

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Monday - Thursday: 10am to 5pm; Friday - Saturday: 10am to 6pm; Sunday: 12pm to 4:30pm; First Friday Open House: 5:30pm to 8pm

Free Tours

Daily on the hour at 12, 1, 2, 3 and 4pm. After hours tours available by appointment with fee.
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LeClaire, Iowa. It's a special place. A place where life on the land is intimately married to the flow of the waters. For centuries, people here have looked to the water for a sense of calm, a spirit of enjoyment and a connection to a heritage that is uniquely their own.

That marriage of land and water is now embodied in a different kind of spirit. We produce liquors hand crafted slow and pure. Born from the finest grains, harvested just up the hill from the distillery. It’s a spirit born of land and water that draws each of us curiously back to a different era. Made for you, not for for the masses.

Mississippi River Distilling Company started in 2010 after two brothers decided to take a chance on a dream. What started as a crazy idea, grew into an opportunity to create something that these parts hadn't seen since prohibition. A chance to create truly home grown, handmade spirits.