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Our interior design and construction services are ON TIME and ON BUDGET!

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Whether you’re looking to just prettify your new bathroom or to completely remodel your main floor, it can be difficult to find a carpenter and a team of interior designers who’ll get the job done right. Expertise can be rare in today’s rapid-paced world, where dedication is often replaced with quick fixes. Not with Langan Design Intervention, LLC. Boasting years of experience working with both residential and commercial projects, we offer every design and construction element under one roof. We’ll focus on your needs, advise you on the best possible solution, and translate your vision into reality. From simply selecting paint colors, or furniture shopping, to a complete kitchen remodel, room addition, or basement finish, Langan Design Intervention will be there every step of the way. No job is too big or too small.


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As a Quad City Resident for over 25 years, Janelle Langan began her career in the management field. It wasn’t until 2006 that she joined her husband in the flooring business. There, she was responsible for merchandising, product planning, marketing campaigns and strategies, and hiring and sales training. It was then that Janelle and her husband realized that even on the flooring side of design, clients needed help. They needed someone to confirm their choices and were relieved and thrilled when they had a partner who paired the flooring with the right paint and furniture. Even though Janelle and her husband were just “a flooring store,” they provided much more than just flooring. In fact, some of their major home builders started noticing their design insight and expertise, which springboarded Janelle into her role as a designer.

“Like a divine intervention, we are a design intervention. People are afraid to make decisions about design for fear that they will make the wrong one. I don’t impose my ideas – I draw on what my clients want then provide my visions and create the space they want. They come out in pieces like a puzzle and I put them all together.”

“One of the greatest joys is watching the face of our clients when we nailed it. The expression on their faces and sometimes even tears of joy, is my greatest reward. My only intervention is to take the fear out of where to go, how to start, and how to do it.”


Megan is a born and raised Quad City native residing in Bettendorf. After a short stint away from the QC Area, Megan missed her community and the relationships she had built and knew that returning home was a must. Happily married and raising her children in Bettendorf, Megan helped to run a local construction company for 10 years while also branding and launching her own photography and hand-crafted furniture and wall decor companies.

With a degree in Business, a background in accounting and management, and a love for all things art and design, Megan and LDI have joined forces.

When Megan isn't working you can find her doing her latest DIY project, spending time with her family, or sipping a glass of wine while searching the internet for the latest trends and design inspiration.

"I want to touch people's lives. I love feeling like I have left my mark, a little piece of me, everywhere I go. Building and design is my outlet to accomplish just that!"