Golick's Meat Market
1141 E High St
Davenport, IA 52803 Map
Phone: (563) 322-2142

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Right from our customer's mouths!

"Golick's meat market is the kind of place you wish existed in every neighborhood.  You can get high quality meats to throw on the grill, and they also carry some lovely "take ya back" items to munch on.  In the summer, stop by for something delicious right off the grill....I love the smell of Golick's in the summer!  It's absolutely fabulous that we still have a specialty meat market around, so stop buying over-processed, growth hormone filled junk at the big box stores and support local eats!  Trust me, it is worth the extra stop."


"Golick's is a good, no frills meat market. The inside is really cool because it is in such an old building and has an actual "ice box" as well as some old-timey foods you'd find at your grandma's house. They even set up an outdoor grill which makes for a delicious lunch in the summer. The hot dogs and brats are delicious and everyone is really friendly with a great neighborhood feel.
If you are looking for a lunch spot that's a bit different than the typical sandwich, this is a great place to try."


"This is your old school family owned meat market. During the summer months they grill out for lunch as well. Working construction nearby, I eat here often. Get the ribeye sandwich each time. Always great. Bring cash. Expect to wait a little for your food as they throw it on the grill after you order. Sometimes, rarely, its so popular there isn't anymore grill space to cook on! I usually leave for lunch 10 min early and return early to get in and out quick. A+"