5268 Utica Ridge Rd
Davenport, IA 52807 Map
Phone: (563) 441-7686

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Right From Our Customer's Mouth

"Have you ever been to a football game where a really good singer hits every note of the Star Spangled Banner perfectly and there's an F-16 flyover and you start to get the chills? There is only one other place in America where this feeling is experienced and it is at Pints Bar outside the Hampton Inn in Davenport, IA. Pints is the coolest thing to come out of Iowa since Slipknot. The beer flows like a river to the point where I want to build a Tom Sawyer raft and connect over to the Mississippi. I was slurping free beer out of my hands like I was Augustus Gloop in Willy Wanka minus getting stuck in the pipe and Oompa Loompa Song. The staff is amazingly friendly. Ashley has great knowledge of nearby hot spots in which you can bring your own beer (even 40s), and are open until 4 am. They also have a great selection of neon pink bartender tank tops. This place is hands down my new nordstroms. So the next time sometime tries to tell you all there is in Iowa is cornfields, cow tipping and midget wrestling, you can politely disagree and add Pints to your experience."


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