St Paul The Apostle Catholic School
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Phone: (563) 322-2923

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Catholic Values, Family, Academic Excellence, and Stewardship

Locals love St Paul The Apostle because the academic learning inside the classroom is exceptional and the students are taught in a comfortable, amazing and caring environment. Along with this solid education provided by kind and knowledgeable teachers, there is also an emphasis placed on faith and values, which is unmatched in the area. Locals described St Paul The Apostle as being a great school for any child to attend and provides a solid foundation for adult life.

“This is the best educational choice I could have ever made for my daughter. The school, faculty, staff, students and Parish are all such wonderful, kind and amazing people. The academic learning in the classroom exceeds all other area schools by far. The focus on our faith and values is amazing too.”

Proudly serving the Davenport, IA community since 1926, Saint Paul the Apostle School is the largest Catholic kindergarten through 8th grade school in the Quad Cities area. St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School emphasizes four main components in the education of our youth; Catholic Values, Family, Academic Excellence, and Stewardship.

Catholic Values

By teaching Catholic Values, St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School teaches the fundamental precepts of the Roman Catholic faith and through the support of the entire parish, helps each student apply this knowledge and understanding in their daily actions.


St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School recognizes the family as the primary educator of children in academics and faith. Therefore, the School enjoys family involvement in the ongoing success of school achievement and activities, emulating relationships that honor Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the original Holy Family.

Academic Excellence

St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School works with each student as an individual and strives to advance the student as far as they are willing and able to go. The needs of each student drive an instructional plan that allows for individual learning styles and places responsibility for learning on students.


At St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School, students learn that each person is called to give back to God and His people by using the talents and gifts bestowed by God. Along with the entire St. Paul the Apostle parish, the staff and students share, role model and grow into their faith.

A Commitment to All

Along with other Catholic Schools of Davenport and Bettendorf, St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School is committed to equal opportunities and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, or sex in the educational programs or activities it operates.

Saint Paul the Apostle Catholic School is...

* Governed by St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School Board of Education
* Member of the National Catholic Education Association
* Accredited by The Diocese of Davenport
* Accredited by The State of Iowa