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Teaching Kids Respect

The Veterans Day program at All Saints Catholic School invites veterans and their spouses to visit the class-rooms of grades K-8 and interact with the students all morning long.

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All Saints Catholic School is committed to nurturing each child's spiritual, intellectual, social, moral, emotional, and physical development. Holy Family, Sacred Heart, and St. Alphonsus come together to educate our children through our faith.

  • All Saints Catholic School has initiated a special approach to recognizing students striving to achieve their personal best through the qualities of: Faith, Respect, Honesty, Acceptance, Compassion, Self-Control, Fairness, Courtesy and Reliability.
  • Students are nominated by school staff, recognized at an all school gathering and presented with a certificate.
  • Their picture is posted on the quality trait pyramid in our school, and they receive a reward for their achievement.
  • Best of all, they took another step closer toward achieving their personal best! With children striving for their personal best, we are confident these attitudes will reflect positively on the playground, in the classrooms, and throughout our community.
  • The All Saints Catholic School community shares a common goal of preparing children for life-long learning and Christian service.
  • We are committed to nurturing each child's spiritual, intellectual, social, moral, emotional and physical development.
  • All are encouraged to utilize their God-given gifts in an atmosphere that challenges them to strive for their unique potential.