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Hold Onto Priceless Memories Forever

When you come to Slater Photography for a session or event, you will always get more than your average photography company. You will get raw emotion, passion, and soul based out of Davenport, Iowa.


Do you have an upcoming wedding or graduation? Trust the professional photographer Chaz Slater at Slater Photography to take stunning photos or videos at your next big event locally in Davenport, IA, nationally, or internationally.

Whether you need to take graduation, wedding, or engagement pictures, I have you covered. If you'd like to have a video recording of your event, I provide videography services, too.

Call 815-631-3438 today to speak with me about videography and set up a videography appointment. I will record, edit and hand over a polished video of your event.

I am always willing to travel for any photography or videography session or event!