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A Retirement Community Where Everyone is Welcome

Compassion • Commitment  • Community

Established in 1927, Iowa Masonic functions as a nonprofit charitable retirement community providing the highest possible standard of care to meet the holistic needs of each individual.

Our past, present and future is based on our core values of compassion, commitment and community.  It is our dedication to these values that has made and will continue to make us the provider of choice in the Bettendorf and surrounding communities.

Masonic affiliation is no longer required to reside here.  All are welcome.


Volunteer Recognition

It is with great pleasure that Iowa Masonic introduces Elsie Griffith! She is the volunteer who has been here the longest amount of time. She grew up right here in Bettendorf. In fact, not too far from Iowa Masonic on Central Avenue, and that house still stands today.

Her story started many years ago as a Certified Nurses Aide (CNA). She then became the assistant in the Activity Department. Elsie and her family have a long-standing history with Iowa Masonic, “This is a great place. At one time, my mom worked here too. And one summer all my children worked here with me. Each one of them doing something different, but all under the same roof”. The current staff in our activity department remember Elsie as being someone who would assist them with anything that was asked of her – and the same goes for when she volunteers now. One co-worker stated fondly, “She retired in 2007. I started in 2006 and she gave me one good year to learn all I needed to before she retired!"

These days you will find her generously volunteering her time in many ways for the residents. Every Monday she comes in to assist with Bingo – whether that is helping someone place the markers on their card or yelling Bingo for someone who would not otherwise be heard. One coworker fondly smiled and stated, “Even though she is here volunteering and assisting our resident’s, she encourages everyone to be as independent as possible. And if she sees you needing extra help, she is always there to lend a helping hand”. Elsie is also a familiar face for our resident’s as they go on their monthly shopping trip, as well as helping every month for the birthday party celebration for our resident’s. Another co-worker stated, “Picnics! We love when she volunteers for those, we can always count on her to make the best deviled eggs around”!

When I asked other co-workers and volunteers what came to their mind when they thought of Elsie, the list went on and on. The following are phrases that were repeated by several: “Patient and kind; caring and humble; she never gets frustrated – our residents are her focus and I love to watch how their faces light up when they see her. What joy she brings to everyone”!

It is my hope that by reading Elsie’s story, you have been inspired to volunteer your time and talents with us here at Iowa Masonic. We are always looking for assistance in many areas, and you do not need to have any experience – we will provide you with everything that you need to know. Please contact Chris Stickfort at 563- 359-9171 to start volunteering today! We would love to hear from you!

Maybe you would be interested in starting a resident focused book club for us? Or maybe you would enjoy reading to a senior? Are you good with technology? Did you know that we are the only long-term care facility in our area that has a certified Music and Memory Program? You could come in and download music on to our I-Pods so that our residents can listen to music they enjoy. Our volunteers are one of the many pieces of our puzzle that helps Iowa Masonic run smoothly – without them we would not be able to continue to support our residents in many aspects of their life and interests.