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Life is Story - Words are Optional

At MCP, every picture tells a story. We bring your business to vibrant life through exquisite imagery that breeds bold decisions, invites contagious excitement, and translates to high and steady traffic.

Let’s elevate your message and build your brand.


mollie-portrait.jpegMollie first held a camera when she was just 10 years old - her father’s 35mm Minolta, straight from an East Asian deployment with the US Navy. Himself a visual artist, Bob supplied Mollie with a roll of black and white film, and the rest is history.

Making the switch from analog to digital in 2005, Mollie started out photographing friends and family and for her own pleasure. As her skills increased and her baby son grew old enough to start school, Mollie ventured downtown to start her business at Cohab, the shared co-working space, with other “hustle-preneurs” and carved out a reputation for passionate, story-telling-style photography for businesses and organizations looking to elevate their brand and reflect their best image to their world.

Mollie is an unapologetic empath incapable of separating work from heart, bringing a depth to her work that immediately engages both the subject and the audience. Her pro bono and charitable work are well-known throughout the region, especially with her founding of Outlier, the traveling fine-art photography exhibit and documentary project that features the stories of triumphal survivors of sexual trauma just like her. Mollie’s clients trust that she will immerse herself in their story and tell it visually from the inside out with dignity, discernment, and delight. She cannot wait to help you tell your magnificent story.


"Mollie worked with my company to do event photography and also to capture a series of photographs for a client over the period of a year. She did a very professional job and was unfailingly prompt and personal with the people she photographed. Mollie has a way of drawing out the very best in people, and that warm and delightful personality created a friendship between us that has endured to this day." - Judy O. Williams,  Williams Creative Group

"I truly have nothing but the highest praise and appreciation for Mollie. We’ve worked together on many corporate projects, including photography of new facilities, special events and story-telling shots for advertising. Mollie is not just professional and superbly talented, we enjoy our time together at photo shoots where she is flexible, creative and efficient in obtaining the needed shots." - Dana B. Smelser, Director of Marketing & Business Development, CHRISTUS Shreveport-Bossier Health System

“I first met Mollie when she was working from a coworking space where I was a board member.  It was impossible not to become friends with Mollie, as she is that type of person who is genuinely interested in the lives of those in her orbit.  So when the opportunity arose for me to hire a photographer to drive all over Northwest Louisiana with me photographing manufacturing facilities and their employees, I knew she was someone I’d be happy being trapped in a car with for hours on end.  Her work product was excellent, and the experience was a joy.” - Angie White, Executive Vice President, North Louisiana Economic Partnership