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Red Rover is a 6,000 sqft facility for your dog to play and get the love they deserve. We look forward to meeting you and your furry family.

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Dogs have always been a BIG part of my life. As a small child, my sister and I would save every penny of our allowance money from doing chores. We eventually saved enough to get our first puppy and instantly fell in love. Since that day I have been known as a “Dog Person”.

Although I am a lover of all animals, that first interaction as a child with my first pup was intoxicating. Fast Forward several years and I got my first “RED ROVER”. It was a red Doberman we named Alex. A month later my wife and I found out we were pregnant. Alex was the best big sister to our daughter and they were inseparable best friends as they grew. My daughter’s love for Alex manifested into a love for all animals. One day we were talking about opening a dog care business and my daughter said, “We can call it RED ROVER and use Alex as the logo. Well I guess you know what happened from there.

My family and I are proud to have the opportunity to take care of so many pups/family members. We pride ourselves on treating your pup like one of our own.

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Being a Louisiana Native, I have come to love our culture, traditions, and southern hospitality. As a family man, there is nothing like coming home from a long day’s work and have your dog curl up at your feet or lay their head on your lap. There is this mysterious connection between our pups and us that seems to be God-given. This is surely a tradition that many of us hold true.

I received my first dog as a grown man at the age of 27. I just returned home from serving a tour in Iraq with the US ARMY. As many others I did not come home the same man. My wife suggested us buying a family dog, and I agreed. We found a 4 year old Sheltie who was raised on a farm in Colorado. Her name was Chloe. When I picked her up for the first time it was like God spoke through Chloe to me. She had this ability to keep me calm and at ease. She was both my son and daughter’s best friend, and my wife’s side kick. She was the best dog and very much a member of the family. Chloe is why I have so much passion for dogs.

It is an honor and a privilege to work in this industry, and to be trusted by so many to take care of their pups. I believe serving our customers goes well beyond just providing a service. As a team, we strive to maintain a professional focus to ensure everyone receives the kind of personalized attention they deserve.

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Dog Boarding

We welcome dogs of all shapes and sizes that meet safety requirements.

Dog Daycare

Your pet will enjoy making friends and you will enjoy knowing your pet is not home alone.

Dog Training

Our goal in training is to make your dog a well-trained, well-mannered family companion.

Dog Grooming

We offer grooming Monday-Saturday by groomers who love the art of grooming.