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Email: potentials@elitehealthsolution.com
Phone: (318) 213-5483

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Providing medical staffing solutions, private in-home care, and corporate wellness services.

Our established relationships with our clients and patients support our three core values of professionalism, dependability, and team work. We are committed to demonstrating these values on a day-to-day basis and take pride in our work to improve the lives of others. 

  • Facility Staffing
  • Sitter Services
  • Corporate Wellness





What the Locals are saying:

"I have to tell you, I’ve become very fond of ya’lls CNAs. They are like my family. They get here, do a great job, and I just appreciate them so much." - Donna

"Work ethic and professionalism are always on display with [Elite's staff]. Communication and advanced scheduling have always been exceptional." - Billy

"Above quality says it all for the [caregivers] working with John. We appreciate them and are so blessed. Thank you very much for sending such a great group...to us." - Pat