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 A therapist-owned company dedicated to providing all of God’s children the opportunity to grow and face their many challenges.

Little Works in Progress Pediatric Therapy provides comprehensive speech, occupational and physical therapy for children using the most advanced methodology available. Using a team approach, we are committed to the challenges of reaching each child’s maximum potential, helping build self-esteem and teaching self-reliance.

Treatment programs are individually designed for each child, in partnership with the family, using therapeutic techniques selected for the child based on information gathered from our evaluations, our clinical experience, and current research. We develop realistic goals for children to reach their highest potential in a supportive and fun environment.


Applied Behavior

Speech Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy


"I feel very blessed to have Little Works helping me with my grandchild. They go above and beyond to help. Ms Malorie takes my grandsons weekly study guide and uses it in his therapy. His OT Ms Nicole is very friendly and will adapt to his mood or needs. We would be lost without their help! This is a resource that is very valuable to our community." - Tammy S.

"We have had a great experience with Little Works. They are compassionate and care about our son. His teachers celebrate his growth and always are welcoming and happy to see him for therapy days. It means a lot as a parent when your kindergartener looks forward to his therapy days, even after a long day at school. He's making progress and I know he's exactly where he needs to be and with the people that will help him reach his full potential!" - Kristi B.