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Angels from local homecare agency, Visiting Angels, can often be found serving and volunteering throughout the Waco community. On Wednesday afternoons during social hour, you will find Angels mixing drinks and sharing laughs with residents at The Delaney. Visiting Angels has adopted the motto “Going the extra mile for smiles” and Visiting Angels’ HR Manager, Brad Harrell, recently did such that. During social hour, Brad noticed a gentleman sitting off by himself and after asking a few residents learned that his name was Gunnery Sergeant Paul S. Powell, a retired Marine who kept mostly to himself.  GySgt Powell had recently moved to The Delaney and the transition had been difficult for him. Being a Marine himself, Brad approached the gentleman and quickly won a new friend. GySgt Powell was thrilled to talk about his 30 years of service with another Marine and in no time at all Brad and GySgt Powell were laughing, joking, and sharing fond memories of their service to our country.  During their conversation, GySgt Powell confided in Brad that he would love nothing more than to have his old crew chief jump suit again.  It had been stored in an old cedar chest and been eaten up by mice over the years. Brad seeing an opportunity to go the extra mile, immediately jumped into action and called the local Marine reserve station first thing the next morning to see if they could present the GySgt with another crew chief jump suit.  Without hesitation the local Marines coordinated with Visiting Angels to answer the call and the following Wednesday marched through the door of the Delaney in full dress blues to honor their fellow Marine with a new uniform. When the Marines walked through the door the old Gunny’s eyes came to life, a smile slowly crept across his face and he quickly beckoned the younger Marines to have a seat. You would have thought the way they talked for the next hour that they had known each other all their life.  The saying goes, “Once a Marine always a Marine”, and for a brief time Brad and the local Marines were able to bring a little bit of the GySgt’s youth back to life with stories that only a fellow Marine would understand. Visiting Angels works with many veterans across Central Texas and relishes every opportunity to honor the service of great men like GySgt Paul G. Powell. For more information about Visiting Angels or how to access veteran benefits call 254-772-8660 or visit


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