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There are some encouraging signs in our community! While the poverty rate is still unreasonably high, there are numerous initiatives that seem to be converging and addressing the systemic challenges Waco has struggle with to address. Non-profits are

Mission Waco


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1. Provide Christian-based holistic, relationship-based programs that empower the poor and marginalized. 

2. Mobilize middle-class Americans to become more compassionately involved among the poor. 

3. Seek ways to overcome the systemic issues of social injustice which oppress the poor and marginalized.


Jimmy and Janet Dorrell moved into the North Waco neighborhood in 1978 with the intent of living among the poor while bringing "good news" through relationships and empowerment opportunities. Fast forward to 1991, after years of informal neighborhood ministry, "Cross Culture Experiences" was formed as a non-profit to help students experience a "poverty simulation," out-of-country "exposure trips," and neighborhood serving opportunities. Withing the year Christian Mission Concerns, in 1991, established by Paul and Katie Piper, chose to fund a program called, "Mission Waco," led by Jimmy and Janet.

Over the last 25 years God has grown our organization to include over 70 staff and an annual budget of $3.5 million spanning three other countries including Mexico, India, and Haiti. We have a variety of programs in Waco including after-school programs for youth and children, the Meyer Center offering legal, social, job training and medical services, My Brother's Keeper (homeless shelter), Manna House (addiction recovery facility), Jubilee Food Market, Urban REAP, World Cup Cafe and Fair-Trade Market, Jubilee Theatre, The Clothesline (clothing voucher center), and many other programs to empower the poor and marginalized.

Through its entire history, Mission Waco staff and volunteers have worked hard to balance “hands-on” relationships with the poor, local churches, and the community. The call to bring good news to the poor has been a driving force since its first day. And the desire to create a biblical base for empowering compassion is still at its core. God has birthed, blessed and sustained this venture through the years! Thanks be to God.