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Your hometown community bank, since 1952

At Community Bank & Trust we annually revisit our Mission Statement, Core Purpose and Vision which state:

Providing quality financial services with excellence, personal service, and professionalism to Central Texans.
The vision of Community Bank & Trust is to be a locally owned financial services provider that is profitable and well-capitalized and serving Central Texas with integrity and pride.

Our goals are to deliver quality financial services that provide our customers with value; and for our customers to find the entire staff to be friendly, attentive, informed and responsive.

Furthermore, to be a financial services provider staffed with employees at all levels who are highly trained and well compensated that create, maintain, and expand customer relationships.

After a very thorough review of these statements each year, we specifically envision where we, as a bank, hope to be in 5 to 7 years. This specific long-term vision then serves as the basis for our next annual strategic plan and budget, which is very detailed, for the coming year.

The one year plan and budget we develop brings us closer to that specific long term vision.

Examiners and others who know us well state that, "Community Bank & Trust is not driven by profits, but by delivering excellent customer service." We take that as the highest form of compliment.

Indeed, Community Bank & Trust is not driven solely by profits. We truly believe that profits come after delivering excellent service and living up to our Mission Statement...every single day.