Ninfa's Mexican Restaurant
220 S 3rd St
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Phone: (254) 757-2050


Small Chili Con Queso With purchase of an entree and a drink.

Ninfa's Mexican Restaurant

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Every day we continue a wonderful tradition by serving you and your family with the same affection and quality that our founder, Ninfa Rodriguez Laurenzo, established in 1973. Known to everyone as "Mama", her legacy began in a small 10-table restaurant on Navigation, in Houston. Using her own pots and pans, she created this world-renowned tradition of serving great food and delicious Margaritas.

In time, the food and atmosphere changed Houston's taste for Mexican food - no small accomplishment in a city where Tex-Mex has almost a religious status. Not known to many people, Ninfa's introduced Texas and eventually the world to fajitas.

In fact, Ninfa's has been certified by numerous publications and has received national recognition as the place where fajitas were first served to the general public. Ninfa's is also recognized for her creation of the delicious and popular Avocado and Tomatillo Green sauce, which is now copied, but never perfected, by many other restaurants in Texas.

Ninfa's left us a legacy that is about more than just wonderful food - she taught us to embrace everyone around us as family. Through her actions she showed just how much one person can do in this world, and how each of us can touch the lives of so many people.

We at Ninfa's pledge to continue the established tradition set by out Founder. We pledge to continue to serve the same great food with the same great service our patrons expect.

Thank you for joining us at Ninfa's. We hope you enjoy a wonderful evening of great food, service and caring attention. After all, that's how Mama would have wanted it.

Sit back, relax, and to begin, may we suggest you savor one of our award-winning Ninfaritas.