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Phone: (254) 799-0088

904 N Valley Mills Dr
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Phone: (254) 772-2900

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How It Started

Mary and Remzi Imeri moved from Italy to New York in the 1970s. After moving to Waco, Texas in 1996, Mary quickly noticed that there weren’t many Italian dining options. As the descendent of multiple generations of family-owned and operated restaurants, Mary decided to pursue her dream of continuing the family tradition and opened Baris that same year.

Not only was it an instant hit, but Baris has continued to maintain consecutive food awards across the board for its pasta, pizza, and familial Italian atmosphere. Known to many as “Mama Baris,” Mary treated customers and strangers alike as family. She was the heart of Baris and her love and passion for the restaurant and community was one of many reasons why Baris is where everyone feels at home.

Where We Are Now

Today, Baris continues to be run by the Imeri family. Adem and Jimmy Imeri, Mary’s sons, have been running the restaurant since 2019. The love, traditions, and richness of generational recipes and stories can be felt in the atmosphere of the restaurant and the comfort of the classic Italian cuisine we serve. Though she is no longer with us, her legacy lives on through the light and love we spread in her name. In her honor, we strive to continue to make Baris a place where everyone feels at home through our traditional, Italian family recipes and welcoming atmosphere.