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Prevot Design Services, APAC was created in February of 2005.  Members of the firm have enjoyed working on high level projects across the world.  We have also enjoyed forming lasting relationships with our Clients and serving them on projects of all sizes and levels of complexity.  We pride ourselves on providing service and value to the Owner.  It is our job to make the Owner’s job easier.  It is our job to help the Owner get what is needed from the project.  We understand that the project is the means to an end.  There is always a need that must be met with each project.  This is accomplished by listening to the Owner and involving the Owner on the project team from the very outset of the design process through project completion.

We have the experience necessary to enable us to understand the Owner and the Owner’s needs for the project.  Members of our firm and our select group consultants have decades of working knowledge in many complex project types.  These experiences include architecture, interior design, planning, project management, structural engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and many specialties.  We have relationships with special consultants in cost estimating, acoustics, audio/visual, theatrical lighting, IT/Security, detention/justice, and many more.  We know how to structure the right team for each project.

We have developed a high level of experience in numerous project types.  We also enjoy new challenges and new project types.  We find that when we investigate new project types and bring our experiences into play we develop new ideas and approaches to solving problems.  We look forward to working with you on your project.   If given the opportunity we will listen to you, we will identify your needs and the “reason” for the project, we will build a team specifically suited to your project, we will make you the main player on that team, and we will conduct the design process with you at our side.  This is what makes for a successful project, but more importantly allows us to satisfy your needs while building a lasting relationship.

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