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“My LASIK surgery couldn’t have been a more pleasant experience! The doctor was so thorough and talked me through the whole surgery just so I wouldn't be nervous! The only thing I regret is not finding out about Shreveport Eye Clinic sooner.” - Hannah


The word around town is that Shreveport Eye Clinic is one of the best places to get your eye surgery. Just ask Karen who needed a cataract surgery in both eyes. “My friend referred Shreveport Eye Clinic to me, and I am very happy with my surgery. Everyone in the office is helpful and kind!” 

The locals love that all the doctors are high quality surgeons that are board certified, efficient, knowledgeable, and friendly. They stay up to date with all the current technology to ensure speedy and comfortable recovery. After the surgery in one eye, Karen could see more vividly than in the other eye! No wonder Shreveport locals love to talk about Shreveport Eye Clinic. 

Patients know whom they can trust when it comes to their eyes. Shreveport Eye Clinic has been serving the area since 1953. With years of experience, and the desire to help the locals vision, Shreveport Eye Clinic will continue to be one of the most trusted places in town.