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Communities In Schools of the Heart of Texas (“CIS”) builds relationships that empower students to stay in school and succeed in life. CIS is part of the nation’s largest dropout prevention network. CIS works directly in 19 campuses across 6 District

About Caryn

11008458_933495243338846_4582499885116185341_n.jpgI am a mother of 2 wonderful boys and I have an amazing husband. I living in the heart of Texas and I love turning business owners into digital media butterflies! I am a former IT geek who now spends her days doing social media and web design for my consulting customers and I spend my nights and weekends with my family and my active social media and blogging presence. I am passionate about bringing people together through social media.

  • I enjoy teaching people about digital media and helping them learn how to use it in their everyday lives.
  • I am very involved in digital media and social media here in Waco

I have been designing websites since 1999 and I have truly enjoyed the changes brought about in the past few years that allow my clients the ability to have greater control over the content on their sites.

I began leading the Waco Social Media group in 2008 and I have turned it into a vibrant community. Before moving into consulting full-time in 2012, I did social media for the largest non-profit student loan company in America, so I’ve worked on the corporate side as well.

The challenge of helping build respected brands and trusted business relationships is something I enjoy and strive to achieve. My job is all about combining great ideas and business awareness to create a strategy, be it for web design or social media marketing.

I’m a one-woman shop in Waco, Texas, because I’ve found that’s the best way for me to work. I have surrounded myself with others in my field and have no problem bringing in help when a project needs it.

I look for clients that understand that when I listen, I question, and I dare, together we can create creative work that not just looks great, but is a solution to engage and drive results.