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About Salley

I am a Kansas native, having been transplanted to Texas from Colorado. I am pretty sure I was supposed to be born in Colorado, but my parents forgot to move there.

For several years now, I gladly call Waco, Texas my home and love this community and the people I have come to know and call my friends. I consider it a privilege to begin a business in such an entrepreneurially focused community. My passion is helping people succeed. I am the proud mother of Hailey and Jordan who are teenage twins. They keep my heart very full. I am blessed with a very supportive husband, Chris. We married in 2009. I also enjoy time with his son, who is the same age as my twin daughters.

My favorite times in life are with my family, especially when all 5 of us can be together.

"I understand and respect the important role personal values and spirituality play in change, growth and goal setting."

I earned a Master of Science in Family Therapy from a private Christian University in Wichita Kansas, Friends University in 1996. I have worked in a counseling and administrative capacity since that time in out-patient, in-patient, day treatment, residential, foster care, educational and private practice settings. I have worked in the field of mental health and human services since 1985. As a Christian, I value the role spirituality plays in self-evaluation, change, growth, healing, relationships and success. I practice a solution focused approach to helping people. Come explore your strengths and learn to harness the success that already lies within you for visible, life and relationship change. Discover the hindrances present in your life and plan to overcome them to achieve your best.

"One of my greatest honors has been to help people emerge strong and successful on the other side of a difficult life transition"

Currently I provide Professional Development Training for human service professionals as well as Counseling services.

My counseling practice specializes in helping people transition to a place of strength. I work with couples, individuals, families and parents from a family systems perspective. I have extensive experience working with individuals who have experienced trauma, traumatic grief, divorce, parenting difficulties, adoption and attachment difficulties as well as having experienced or are in the midst of contemplating difficult or unplanned life transitions. When working with children, I primarily work with them in conjunction with the parents, to equip the parents to handle difficult behaviors in day to day life.

My professional development training specialization is with clinical, leadership and direct care staff in residential, foster, shelter, crisis, day care, family service, maternal mental heath, and church programs.

I look forward to meeting you should you decide to seek support for your success through training or counseling with me.

Salley Schmid, MS Family Therapy, LMFT

To discuss your needs and schedule a consultation or training, please click here to contact Salley or by phone at 254-644-9886

I am pleased to inform you that during the COVID 19 protocols, I am still here to serve you.  All sessions are telehealth based through the web platform GO TO MEETING, a secure and private internet access meeting space.  Sessions can be connected to via phone, desk top, lap top and tablet.  No special software is required, just internet access.  If you are interested in scheduling please go to www.enrivhmenttcs.com/contact-us-location/ and email me through the contact form to schedule.