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Hello my name is Gracie Arias and I am owner/independent massage therapist for Wacotown Massage. I started this business with one goal in mind, helping others! About 90 percent of my clientele come to me because they are dealing with pain or new life journeys; like pregnancy and postpartum. Massage therapy can aid in easing pain, stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation, depression, and so much more. Why rely on pain medication, when we can show our bodies some love and heal them from the inside out. I pride myself on my competitive prices! I do that in hopes of being able to make massage therapy reachable for so many. I now offer Swedish massage, theraputic/deep tissue, prenatal massage and postpartum. Be on the lookout for more additions coming soon! I look forward to helping others in their journey of healing.  


"The first professional massage I ever had was not great and I thought "what is all the rave about with professional massages?" Then I went to Gracie... she is so amazing! I never wanted it to end. She knows exactly how to relax you and pinpoints those areas that need extra pressure perfectly. I will never go anywhere else!!” Jeanie Davilla 

“Gracie with Wacotown Massage is one awesome lady. She pays attention to what you actually need and man will you come out feelings so relaxed you just want to fall asleep. If you are hurting or just want a relaxing massage Gracie is your go to lady!” Burnadett Stead

“I had my very 1st full body massage today and let me tell you I did not want Gracie to stop. Lol! I loved it. It was so peaceful and relaxing! She educated me on my muscles and also told what I could do in between massage. I will definitely be back next month! Thank you Gracie for letting GOD use you through your hands!!“ Victoria Alaniz 

”Oh my gosh-amazing doesn’t cover it!!! I just got done with an hour prenatal massage and I am in heaven. Gracie was wonderful and I will absolutely be back!!” Chelsea Lippe 

"Awesome experience!! For the first time in 9 months I actually feel normal!! She was very professional and has a very relaxing environment! I'd definitely recommend her! I wish I had known about prenatal massages 3 months ago!!!” Amanda Pullen

"I just got a prenatal massage and it was one of the best I’ve had in my life! She know exactly where to put the right amount of pressure and listens to what you need. My husband got a deep tissue massage and he said it’s one of the best he’s ever had!” Ashley Lannen

"I’m 26 weeks pregnant and have been having major lower back pain and issues with my sciatic nerve. I had a prenatal massage with Gracie a couple days ago and the amount of relief I feel is crazy! She warned me working it out could be uncomfortable and it was lol but my range of movement and lack of pain just a couple days later is amazing. She was great about making sure even though there were moments that were far from relaxing that she combined that with really soothing moments and I left feeling immediately better and it’s only improved since then. I will definitely be back! 💗” Dani Stone

"Life, work, daily stress and demands make our mind and body tense and knotted. Gracie is a calm soul with the skills to connect with her clients and their trouble area. I left relaxed and lighthearted, ready to take on another week! 😊🌺” Angie Veracruz